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Middle Atlas Mountains

Auberge Lac Ouiouane

A holiday in Morocco can include a trip into the Middle Atlas Mountains region that lies between, and can be accessed from either, Fez and Marrakech. It is a region less popular with tourists than the High Atlas but consists of heavily forested slopes. A number of interesting Berber towns and villages to visit and also the famous waterfalls of Cascades Ouzoud. The cooler mountain air is an attractive relief from the summer heat of large Moroccan towns and cities inland.

The Region

The Middle Atlas range covers a vast area, lying just south of Fez and Meknes and running south towards Marrakech. Often covered in thick forest, with oak and cedar prevalent in the north, it is home to lakes, the Barbary “ape” (really a macaque) and numerous Berber towns, many of which are little visited by tourists.

It is the most fertile of the Atlas ranges and runs from for around 350 km south of Fez and Meknes.  Although lower and generally less craggy than the High Atlas range, it has several peaks over 3,000 m and has a highest peak at Jebel Bou Naceur (3,340 m).

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